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Refund Bag helps you separate, store and transport all of your eligible 10 cent refund containers to the Container Deposit Schemes throughout Australia.

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Secure Easy Fit


Durable & Washable


Easily Removable


Self Standing for Transport


No Leak, No Smell

Refund Bag is not only a great way to help reduce pollution, but a great way to earn extra money!


User friendly design and easily washable


Snap button closing system


100 litre volume, holds over 100 refund containers


Over 1/2 your 240L bin is still usable for non-refundable recycling


Can also be used free standing, great for camping, parties, BBQ's, picnics


Great way to make extra money for children "pocket money program"


The whole family can get on board!

Refund Bag
Recycle your refund containers

Separate & Store

Separate and Store your containers in the Refund Bag until you are ready to Recycle your refund containers at your Container Deposit Scheme.

Recycle your refund containers


Remove the Refund Bag and easily transport it in your car to your nearest Container Deposit Scheme Location to Recycle your refund containers.

Container Deposit Schemes


Hand in your refund containers to your local Container Deposit Scheme Location. Claim your refund and enjoy that extra cash. So easy to Recycle your refund containers!

How to Set up the Refund Bag

step 1

Step 1

Place clips on bin rim.
Clips are provided.

step 2

Step 2

Place bag in bin.
Pull straps over front corner.
Straps are attached to the refund bag.

step 3

Step 3

Attach bag by slotting into both clips. Your Bag is now ready to fill up with refund containers.

Remember to remove the Refund Bag before putting your bin our for council collection.